tarot of hope

Trying to communicate the work on hope, the theoretical study as well as the physical experience, and looking for a way to communicate this Bureau d’Espoir decided to develop a Tarot of Hope, a book and complete Tarot card set, that takes the users through a journey of the hope research and experience. The Tarot of Hope will shortly be available on Amazon, but you can also order a copy by sending a mail to hope@bureaudespoir.com. 

But first some more information: 

the Tarot of Hope

(for the full overview of the cards and texts: go to the Tarot of Hope category on the opening page)

If you wanted to come up with a language that could be understood by anyone, and that allows for different  ways to adapt to the situation, but that still speaks about what concerns us all, the Tarot is the way to go. The Tarot is an ancient method to gain insight into your current situation. It is a way to bring different aspects of your life together, and relate them to an outside world that sometimes appears hostile or unconcerned by your sorrows or doubts. With the Tarot of Hope, Bureau d’Espoir tries to get a grip on our current situation.

0. hope

The journey through the Majors

In the Major Arcana, Hope gets born out of chaos: a miserable situation of economic crisis, emotional instability and institutional failure. But walking the journey of Hope from these miserable beginnings towards its realization in Utopia, opens up small pockets of change with every step. Things never are what they seem in this game. Every card has a good and a bad side, a way to progress and a warning against inertia. The Major Arcana of Hope contains 22 cards, starting with the zero point of hope in its namesake card, and then evolving through two series of ten, before arriving at the card that is both the end and a new beginning: Utopia. 13. bareThe first series of ten cards explore the earthly sides of Hope, and bring insight into the emotions, the material attachments, the rational powers and the sexual and subconscious drives that give rise to our actions and imagination. The last card of the first series of ten is called Breath and this a card that both closes the door on this first earthly cycle, as well as opening the door to a second part of the journey. Though darker this time, full of doubt and crisis, imploring the reader to leave behind his identity, his beliefs, and his certainties, this second cycle has a more profound and even spiritual charge to it, and emphasizes the interconnectedness between the individual and the world she inhabits. But in this Tarot arriving in Utopia is not an end point, only another turn-around moment, in order to restart the quest on the next level.16. flow

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