Battery 2


Even though I didn’t go on total hunger. I feel the effects of eating the restrict amounts very much. I basically dream with food every night, but food is always a bit monstrous and out of proportion in the dreams. Last night I dreamed I was eating myself, my fingers, the corners of it, big pieces… then I got scared and decided to hide the pieces I haven’t eaten yet. Continue reading “28.12.2013”

WORKSHOP – The End of Personality – Thursday26.12

The End of Personality.r – workshop by Various ArtistsThe End of Personality
“I am a female, I live alone. I just finished a training and work as an assistant marketeer in a middle-shark company. I have a relationship with a man who might not love me. I love my mother. I eat fruits and chicken, no bread or vegetables and my lover takes me out to restaurants. I donʼt have time to cook much. I have a bit of an eating disorder. I just bought a Nintendo DS so my boyfriend stays with me and it also helps to calm my lonely hours. I throw my old pictures away. I was too fat. I will be beautiful again.” (Personality.f)

Join Various Artists in this special and limited one of a time Christmas edition of the End of Personality.

Get a glimpse of the future workshop “The Selfish Artist”!

And gives us a quick call if you want to join. It’s running full!!!!

Tel: 0478/317552


Battery 1: The combination of the isolation and the public practice does make it quite difficult to experience the crisis fully: you always have to be ready, open and generous for the next volunteer. There is no chance to hide and crumble. There is a demand coupled to this state of attentivity and publicness that simultaneously carries you through and prevents the crisis, the real transformation to happen.


15. crash


new beginning – destruction of power structures – new sense of togetherness – joyful reboot

15. crash

Crash announces the end of an era and the joyful flight of re-assembling a new sense of belonging. In ourselves as well as in our togetherness and our views on the world. In the image we see two buildings under attack from a small airplane with a human head. Milions of birds are escaping from the top of the towers to regroup in the open sky. The towers in their uprightness seem in danger of coming down, but the swarms have already escaped the buildings and are forming ingenious garlands in the sky. The Crash of the buildings indicates the end of an ideological era, and the regrouping of the swarms means that the people are rethinking their sense of being together: in their flight patterns they are formulating another kind of community and solidarity.
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