10. breath


new cycle, change of path, perpetual change, human/cosmic connection, interdependence

10. breath

Breathing in, breathing out, a new cycle of life starts. In this card we see a pair of lungs, caught inside the hull of the world, captured in the universe. Four people are sitting or hanging on to the circle, marking the four quarters of the compass. Some are upside down, clinging on for their lives. Another is on top, happily enjoying the view. In Breath everything comes together: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual powers intertwine to reveal their inner connectedness on all levels. In a lot of spiritual traditions Breath equals the essence, the spirit of Life itself. God blew life into Adam, and depending on the tradition this breath is called chi, ki, prana or simply energy. In Breath, Hope’s journey pauses for a moment, charging up for the creative release of Play to guide us into the second cycle of Hope. Continue reading “10. breath”

interview bureau d’espoir on author/authority

Of horizontal authorities, anorexic redistributions, and debating politics with trees.

Welcome to Bureau d’Espoir


Chinese artists used to change their names three times in their career in order not to be linked all their lives to the same work. In this way they gave up on the concept of the “I” related, to a name, in order to reinvent themselves. In other words: they gave up their personal authorship in order to free themselves from the weight of the past and open up new possibilities. What role does the responsibility of the author play in this case?

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how to talk to a tree…


How to talk to a tree. And be sure they’re listening.


What does it mean to speak? To have a dialogue? To resonate with another human being. Or a plant. Or a brick. Is there anything like a dialogue possible with an entity that is not conventionally and conveniently structured in a rational way? And how would I interpret such a ‘thing’? In this text I will try to open up the common conception of dialogue. Of our understanding of thinking together. Which means I will move through murky waters, and try to filter out the shiny bits. The little pieces that still reflect our shared understanding of the understandable, of what we can grasp of our experiences together. All the rest is silence.

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