11. play


balance, irreverence, being in the moment, imagination, sexuality and intellect

11. play

In this card we see a woman falling out of the sky. She is caught up in a storm, a whirlwind of needs and emotions. The clouds are dark and temperamental, but underneath is a clear blue sea, and the figure sitting on the rocks looking out to the horizon seems to be in a state of perfect harmony. ‘Play’ is the card that unlocks the simple capacity of being in the moment. The clouds speak of the needs, desires and wants that cause life to whirl around itself without ever accomplishing anything. In this card Hope gets rid of its selfish drives, of its jealousy and adolescent rage, and starts using its force within for a better cause. Continue reading “11. play”

7. drive

action, creation, adventure, exploration, adolescence, will to power

7. drive

To shoot yourself out of a canon. To sail the ocean without a compass to see if you might fall right off the edge of the earth. To make love all day. And all night. And still be insatiable. To create beauty where there was none. And bask in her radiance. These are all symptoms of the 7th card of the Tarot of Hope: Drive.

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4. the hour blue

the hour blue

magic , mute, sexuality, subconscious, ambiguity

4. the hour blue

What we see on this card is an eerily quiet lake, just before the sun lazily rises above the horizon. Or lingers in the dusk before turning in for the night. The hour blue is the twilight in which day and night for a short time become one. In these moments things lose their habitual definition: crepuscular creatures come out to hunt, the plants in the fields gain magical powers. One says that witches choose this specific time to gather herbs for their potions or to perform their sacred rituals. Men and animals are prone to shapeshift from time to time, making deer hunting a particularly risky business.

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