This week at Bureau d’Espoir

Thu,19th of December, 8pm

EVENT: Hope Session Dialogue: public discussion between theatre maker, writer and philosopher Pieter de Buysser and artistic researcher, theater maker and all-round thinker Geert Opsomer, on the subject of hope today, in politics, art, daily rituals and gift strategies.

Fri, 20th of December, 6pm

EVENT: Anorexic Dinner I, hosted by Rares Craiut

The anorexic dinners are an invitation to come and take part in the preparation and consummation of a dinner that tries to rethink the logics of our food consumption, and also make this an enjoyable experience.

If you want to join a dinner, please write to

Sun, 22nd of December 2013, 7pm

EVENT: lecture Samuel Vriezen, the Location of Hope. Samuel Vriezen is a dutch pianist and composer  and philosopher and will talk about the location of hope in poetry and music practices.


8. ideal


institutional knowledge, categorization, the Book of Laws, harmony, perfection

8. ideal

Ideals are the guidelines that orient people’s lives. They provide a standard to put things into perspective, to get a grip on the disagreements that rule our everyday lives. They form the basis for coming to a just decision on how to proceed. Ideal is the card that represents our need for harmony and perfection. For getting a grip on our intuitive principles to translate them into an objective standard to look at the world through the perspectives of Justice, Beauty and Freedom. This is the card of the knowledge that is gathered through time: Minerva’s owl flying out at night, transcribing lived experience into the Book of Law(s) for all. Ideal is the card that strives for the creation of a balanced and harmonious society, and does so by creating normative rule systems. Often institutionalized, Ideal is the card of the Law, the Arts institutions, the Academy and the Government.

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6. path


method, search for knowledge, guide, experiential and intellectual practice

6. path

After exploring intuition, mind and the unconscious, Hope is in need of a clear method to advance on its journey. The Path to knowledge that leads through the experienced, the experimental and the intellect opens up by stepping onto the hanging bridge and entering the mouth of the snake. The snake appears in the Tarot of Hope as the ancient creature that reminds us of a sacred and sensuous wisdom that cannot so much be written down as danced out to the trance of her hypnotic stare. The snake is an age-old symbol for the pharmakon: the medicine that simultaneously heals and poisons, the one that gives life and takes it away. But she is also the figure that embraces the world, biting her own tail: the snake is the beginning and ending of all that is.

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