battery 1


Until now I had only two people I didn’t know, which is indeed much nicer. Although I am impressed about the change in relation the machine provokes. People I’ve known for years but never had an intimate conversation with, opening up, becoming vulnerable, fuelled by the hope that the cards and the rituals might actually “do” something. Which is weird, cause they know I’m neither a Tarot reader nor a therapist. Or maybe the set up just liberates people from their inhibition, let’s them just be themselves, talk openly, be with me without the need for a persona in between. That is quite beautiful.
I had my first almost-perfect night, slept for 12 hours, this day was again energy and plans. I feel very bipolar in this box, or possibly the confinement just intensifies what I know I always am. But now there is no ignoring it. It is confronting but gives me such food for further work. Research but as well as on myself. Looking forward to the days to come.