Thank you!!

Dear all,

Bureau d’Espoir comes to an end today and we would like to thank you for your support.
Tonight the researchers will come out of the Batteries after three weeks of experimentation to which you contributed as volunteers.
From 19:00 we invite you to have a drink and the last Anorexic dinner with us.
Bureau d’Espoir  greatly appreciates your contributions and hopes to see you this evening!!

The Bureau d’Espoir Team



Object 001 for the museum of objects of Hope

Object 001 (robin)OBJECT NR 001

TERM: Arthur


‘There is Hope, because you don’t know what’s inside but you can hear there’s something’. It keeps you company and gives you both food and drink, which it can preserve for a long time as long as you don’t open it. It can also be a very quite pet. It met its owner on the street in Brussels in a case of mutual attraction but it’s a passing relationship, as people tend to give it away or consume it themselves. Continue reading “Object 001 for the museum of objects of Hope”

0. hope

0. hope

birth of hope, disconnection, crisis, seed

0. hope

This is the very beginning of Hope’s journey, the zero point of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In Greek mythology hope is connected to Pandora, the nosy maiden that got tricked into opening the box that contained all the miseries of the world, and in doing so set them free to roam the Earth: sickness, death, poverty and greed. Slamming the box shut in horror, she inadvertently confined hope in the box. The only remedy left to deal with the unleashed powers of misery. The state of the world in this card is the outcome of her indiscretion. The small city in the left corner is under threat of being swallowed by the waves. The skies are looming darkly, and the birds are fleeing the scene. Only the watchful eye of providence is looking on from a safe distance, but the inhabitants of the city cannot share in its rational magnanimity.

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