MENU Anorexic dinner nr.2 (27.12.2013)


Globalized food ENTREE


Quinoa with exotic fruits and Tarragon in Vinegar

Ingredients from: China, Japan, Chile, Colombia, Spain and Hungary

Potato SOUP from not traceable source


Product packed in Holland and bought in Lidl. Grandmother recipe made with love.

MAIN DISH Microwaved Cheese Burger


Label: Mcennedy, American Way. 95 cent Product


IMG_3525 2

Koliva made with Romanian Pearl Barley (locally produced and brought  to Belgium by the cook.


Anorexic Dinner n°1 hosted by Rares Craiut – 20/12/2013

INVITATION16. flow for 12 participants
What is an anorexic dinner?
An anorexic dinner is a ceremony for everyone. This ceremony is held to honor what food does in our lives. Texts are read, food is examined and tested and even requests are made.
The main goal of the ceremony is to create a recipe for one: meant to feed one person and at the same time be a manifesto about how modern people can connect with edible nature and regain Life in food, both individually and collectively. Feeding here means making reparation, realignment, feeding the physical and the spiritual all together.
The Recipe in the end should offer a unique opportunity for people to practice their duties as a responsible eater: mindful in relation to self and low impact responsiveness in relation to the others and the planet.
Instructions will be made clear on the spot and we will follow the proceedings of the dinner together step by spent. Food will also be served and it is up to the guests to decide if, what and how much they want to eat.
What you need to bring to an anorexic dinner
·      A good mind
·      Cup of water
Do’s and Don’ts at an anorexic dinner
·      Just remember to dress respectfully. Now is the time to leave your “clever” t-shirts at home.
·      Do not consume drugs or alcohol before entering the ceremony.
·      Do bring your family and friends.
·      Do listen to one another with all of your heart, give respect and welcome everyone.

If you want to join the dinner, please write to


In the last years Bureau d’Espoir has been looking into different strategies to deal with the loss of control we experience in our relation to food. Global food industry, the implosion of the local food markets, health issues and ethical questions keep us occupied all the time. In response to this feeling of loss of control Bureau d’Espoir has developed Hunger artist and Anorexic strategies.

The anorexic dinners are an invitation to come and take part in the preparation and consummation of a dinner that tries to rethink the logics of our food consumption, and also make this an enjoyable experience.

If you want to join a dinner, please write to


10. breath


new cycle, change of path, perpetual change, human/cosmic connection, interdependence

10. breath

Breathing in, breathing out, a new cycle of life starts. In this card we see a pair of lungs, caught inside the hull of the world, captured in the universe. Four people are sitting or hanging on to the circle, marking the four quarters of the compass. Some are upside down, clinging on for their lives. Another is on top, happily enjoying the view. In Breath everything comes together: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual powers intertwine to reveal their inner connectedness on all levels. In a lot of spiritual traditions Breath equals the essence, the spirit of Life itself. God blew life into Adam, and depending on the tradition this breath is called chi, ki, prana or simply energy. In Breath, Hope’s journey pauses for a moment, charging up for the creative release of Play to guide us into the second cycle of Hope. Continue reading “10. breath”

0. hope

0. hope

birth of hope, disconnection, crisis, seed

0. hope

This is the very beginning of Hope’s journey, the zero point of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In Greek mythology hope is connected to Pandora, the nosy maiden that got tricked into opening the box that contained all the miseries of the world, and in doing so set them free to roam the Earth: sickness, death, poverty and greed. Slamming the box shut in horror, she inadvertently confined hope in the box. The only remedy left to deal with the unleashed powers of misery. The state of the world in this card is the outcome of her indiscretion. The small city in the left corner is under threat of being swallowed by the waves. The skies are looming darkly, and the birds are fleeing the scene. Only the watchful eye of providence is looking on from a safe distance, but the inhabitants of the city cannot share in its rational magnanimity.

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