Object 001 for the museum of objects of Hope

Object 001 (robin)OBJECT NR 001

TERM: Arthur


‘There is Hope, because you don’t know what’s inside but you can hear there’s something’. It keeps you company and gives you both food and drink, which it can preserve for a long time as long as you don’t open it. It can also be a very quite pet. It met its owner on the street in Brussels in a case of mutual attraction but it’s a passing relationship, as people tend to give it away or consume it themselves. Continue reading “Object 001 for the museum of objects of Hope”

full program bureau d’espoir ZSenne

Bureau d’Espoir
Natural History Museum of Hope & Battery
+Book release ‘Tarot of Hope’

From the 13th of December to the 3rd of January 2013 Bureau d’Espoir occupies the performance gallery ZSenne. With the 22 days ongoing performance ‘Battery’ in the street windows of the building in which two hope researchers test the power of the machine to turn dire circumstances into hopeful ones.
And with the Natural History Museum of Hope: an active exhibition and performance installation in which visitors can come to exchange Hope Objects, browse through the Hope Library or have a sessions with the caretakers to read the Tarot of Hope with them. Continue reading “full program bureau d’espoir ZSenne”

how to talk to a tree…


How to talk to a tree. And be sure they’re listening.


What does it mean to speak? To have a dialogue? To resonate with another human being. Or a plant. Or a brick. Is there anything like a dialogue possible with an entity that is not conventionally and conveniently structured in a rational way? And how would I interpret such a ‘thing’? In this text I will try to open up the common conception of dialogue. Of our understanding of thinking together. Which means I will move through murky waters, and try to filter out the shiny bits. The little pieces that still reflect our shared understanding of the understandable, of what we can grasp of our experiences together. All the rest is silence.

Continue reading “how to talk to a tree…”