Battery 1

Hey dear, today at 3pm I go in a 48 hour isolation period, so will not communicate for 2 days. I need this period to thoroughly celebrate Christmas, or rather the project and all the hope that is invested in it, and reassemble my energy for the last stretch. I did get more people I don’t know the last days and it was great to see how the rumor spreads and people get over their first inhibitions to come in. Continue reading “24.12.2013”


Battery 1: But I think working is just a way to recuperate time, as much as “doing nothing is”. For me the practice is “molding time” inĀ  a maternal form. I don’t feel pushed or stressed but I do feel there is something I have to do. And just like I choose to be in the box, I choose my practice as a way to reconnect to what it is I am doing.

Battery 2: Yes… “molding time”. That’s definitely what this machine seems to constantly scream. And this machine is myself and I am the machine. “One thing is sacred for me – and I knowingly use the word sacred – time is sacred.” (He wrote this when he was in prison). Of course Genet is not neglecting space but he is calling attention to relate to space through a molding of time.

If I become more and more this box and it becomes me, I have to think of time as the spirits crossing the walls of my body. And when the battery urges for time to be molded in it, I’m caught in the crack, fissure between inside and outside. My body and yours, the box and the street.