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Hey dear, today at 3pm I go in a 48 hour isolation period, so will not communicate for 2 days. I need this period to thoroughly celebrate Christmas, or rather the project and all the hope that is invested in it, and reassemble my energy for the last stretch. I did get more people I don’t know the last days and it was great to see how the rumor spreads and people get over their first inhibitions to come in. Continue reading “24.12.2013”

WORKSHOP – The End of Personality – Thursday26.12

The End of Personality.r – workshop by Various ArtistsThe End of Personality
“I am a female, I live alone. I just finished a training and work as an assistant marketeer in a middle-shark company. I have a relationship with a man who might not love me. I love my mother. I eat fruits and chicken, no bread or vegetables and my lover takes me out to restaurants. I donʼt have time to cook much. I have a bit of an eating disorder. I just bought a Nintendo DS so my boyfriend stays with me and it also helps to calm my lonely hours. I throw my old pictures away. I was too fat. I will be beautiful again.” (Personality.f)

Join Various Artists in this special and limited one of a time Christmas edition of the End of Personality.

Get a glimpse of the future workshop “The Selfish Artist”!

And gives us a quick call if you want to join. It’s running full!!!!

Tel: 0478/317552