Battery 2


Even though I didn’t go on total hunger. I feel the effects of eating the restrict amounts very much. I basically dream with food every night, but food is always a bit monstrous and out of proportion in the dreams. Last night I dreamed I was eating myself, my fingers, the corners of it, big pieces… then I got scared and decided to hide the pieces I haven’t eaten yet. Continue reading “28.12.2013”

15. crash


new beginning – destruction of power structures – new sense of togetherness – joyful reboot

15. crash

Crash announces the end of an era and the joyful flight of re-assembling a new sense of belonging. In ourselves as well as in our togetherness and our views on the world. In the image we see two buildings under attack from a small airplane with a human head. Milions of birds are escaping from the top of the towers to regroup in the open sky. The towers in their uprightness seem in danger of coming down, but the swarms have already escaped the buildings and are forming ingenious garlands in the sky. The Crash of the buildings indicates the end of an ideological era, and the regrouping of the swarms means that the people are rethinking their sense of being together: in their flight patterns they are formulating another kind of community and solidarity.
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14. alien



transgression – subconscious – temptation – beyond morality and hypocrisy

14. alien

Alien is the card that opens the door to the hidden, obscure forces within ourselves. Often associated with material greed and brute sexual drives, Alien is also the card of great creativity and imagination. In the image we see a crowd of people, most of them naked, celebrating the apparition of a  skull in the sky. This skull is definitely not human, and this fact points out the blurring of boundaries between human and animal, between the ‘cultured’ persona and the ‘animal’ drives that push us forward.

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10. breath


new cycle, change of path, perpetual change, human/cosmic connection, interdependence

10. breath

Breathing in, breathing out, a new cycle of life starts. In this card we see a pair of lungs, caught inside the hull of the world, captured in the universe. Four people are sitting or hanging on to the circle, marking the four quarters of the compass. Some are upside down, clinging on for their lives. Another is on top, happily enjoying the view. In Breath everything comes together: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual powers intertwine to reveal their inner connectedness on all levels. In a lot of spiritual traditions Breath equals the essence, the spirit of Life itself. God blew life into Adam, and depending on the tradition this breath is called chi, ki, prana or simply energy. In Breath, Hope’s journey pauses for a moment, charging up for the creative release of Play to guide us into the second cycle of Hope. Continue reading “10. breath”