Battery 2


Even though I didn’t go on total hunger. I feel the effects of eating the restrict amounts very much. I basically dream with food every night, but food is always a bit monstrous and out of proportion in the dreams. Last night I dreamed I was eating myself, my fingers, the corners of it, big pieces… then I got scared and decided to hide the pieces I haven’t eaten yet. Continue reading “28.12.2013”

WORKSHOP – The End of Personality – Thursday26.12

The End of Personality.r – workshop by Various ArtistsThe End of Personality
“I am a female, I live alone. I just finished a training and work as an assistant marketeer in a middle-shark company. I have a relationship with a man who might not love me. I love my mother. I eat fruits and chicken, no bread or vegetables and my lover takes me out to restaurants. I donʼt have time to cook much. I have a bit of an eating disorder. I just bought a Nintendo DS so my boyfriend stays with me and it also helps to calm my lonely hours. I throw my old pictures away. I was too fat. I will be beautiful again.” (Personality.f)

Join Various Artists in this special and limited one of a time Christmas edition of the End of Personality.

Get a glimpse of the future workshop “The Selfish Artist”!

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Tel: 0478/317552

Battery 1: But at the same time, the battery does start to un-do me. I feel at moments like I have become one with the machine, that there is no longer a me distinguishable of the whole operative system. That is interesting. I can imagine it will be quite hard to leave this place.

Battery 2: I started feeling empty, like a vessel, and this vessel would get so empty that the emptyness of it would start filling the vessel, like a balloon, as if I would become just exteriority, more and more out. This went on for a long time, until I had the feeling that my end was the material of the sleeping mask… and then the blanket, the air, the battery. As if I could disapear, or as if I was un-done, or as if I was not a person, but a substance.


14. alien



transgression – subconscious – temptation – beyond morality and hypocrisy

14. alien

Alien is the card that opens the door to the hidden, obscure forces within ourselves. Often associated with material greed and brute sexual drives, Alien is also the card of great creativity and imagination. In the image we see a crowd of people, most of them naked, celebrating the apparition of a  skull in the sky. This skull is definitely not human, and this fact points out the blurring of boundaries between human and animal, between the ‘cultured’ persona and the ‘animal’ drives that push us forward.

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1. affect



disruption, potential, intensification, pre-conscious

1. affect

People often lead busy lives, multitasking their way through the day, struggling to keep all balls in the air. They move like speeding trains through a blurry landscape, painfully restricted to the tracks. Most moves prescribed by societal habits, education, social position or gender. Desire limited to the promise of direct gratification. Most of us prefer our pleasures to be prepackaged and safe. But every once in a while a glitch enters into the system. A small disruption that reminds us things also could be different.

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