1. affect



disruption, potential, intensification, pre-conscious

1. affect

People often lead busy lives, multitasking their way through the day, struggling to keep all balls in the air. They move like speeding trains through a blurry landscape, painfully restricted to the tracks. Most moves prescribed by societal habits, education, social position or gender. Desire limited to the promise of direct gratification. Most of us prefer our pleasures to be prepackaged and safe. But every once in a while a glitch enters into the system. A small disruption that reminds us things also could be different.

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Bureau d’Espoir about LaZone

Interview with Bureau d’Espoir (Elke Van Campenhout)
Co-curator of the Residency “LaZone”, October 2010

Coralie Stalberg: How do you envision LaZone?
Elke van Campenhout: LaZone is a long-term project I am working on that is related to the topic of ‘critical hope’. In this collaboration with Bains Connective we worked with the invited artists of the Thematics, and we organized collective discussions and practices, reflecting on LaZone: as a space, as an intellectual environment, as a practice, etc… When at the end of the process every member of the group tried to formulate a definition for LaZone, the ideas that came out were very different, depending on everyone’s personal point of view, which fits the concept of LaZone somehow perfectly. The basic concept of LaZone is to propose an environment that is open, not yet specified, where the rules of behavior, speech and movement are not yet negotiated and recognizable for all the inhabitants. There is no common understanding yet for what you can think and say, for the way you relate to the other, the rules for using the space. Which makes of LaZone a kind of in-between space that is devoid of any function. Continue reading “Bureau d’Espoir about LaZone”