21. utopia!

fulfillment, dance, fullness, completion, ecstasy

21. utopia

In Utopia the journey of Hope comes to its completion. Inside the circle of Eyes, Swarms, Houses and Waves, the bag is dancing out its coming into full realization of itself, the World, and all that is in it. In Utopia all four elements have reached complete harmony. The Waves, which stand for the unconscious and the emotions that guide our lives, have reached a perfect balance with the rational wisdom of the Eyes. The Houses’ pragmatic take on the ordering of the world through economy and work has entered into a fruitful dialogue with the ever-changing commonal demands of the Swarms. Hope has found its place in the community, the economy, the intellect and the emotions. Utopia is the mirror of the zero-card Hope, where the conflictuous disarray of the elements threatened to destroy the city and disperse the community, under an avalanche of subconscious retribution, leaving the rational mind’s Eye impotent and confused. Now all elements have rearranged in a continuous oval circle dance, reminiscent of the female sex in all its potential of creation and renewal. All is in movement, and all is ecstasy because all differences have succumbed. The subconscious and the conscious have dissolved into a state of completed consciousness. The male and the female have become one and many. Continue reading “21. utopia!”

20. insight


calling, break-through, reconstruction, consequences

20. insight

In this card we see the Eye floating on the water, the masculine and the feminine principle dissolving into an androgynous union. On the verge of its journey’s completion, Insight is the moment Hope can finally look back and come to realize what happened. In a moment of perfect clarity the unconscious at last finds the words to speak out. The water bubbles up its secrets, and the eye now looks straight back at the journeyer. In other words, Insight is the card of a fundamental break-through, the realization of what had been hidden all this time in the gap between the feminine unconscious and the masculine mind. Continue reading “20. insight”

19. star


gift, fertility, inspiration, body, sexuality, connection

19. star

In Star, Hope finally finds its place in the world. The card shows us a female figure walking over the fields. From her plastic bags, water is incessantly pouring, irrigating the land, fertilizing whatever she encounters. Star is the figure of hope that has taken shape in the form of an ordinary woman. Her body has a hole in it, that shows us the world shining through. In Star we come to fully accept the body as our access point to the world. Star worships her body because it is shaped by the same material as everything that is. And being in awe of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and all the bodies in the sky, Star is also in awe of her own body. Nourishing and feeding it, just like she is nourishing and feeding the world around her.
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new life, universal love, growth, clarity, joy

18. sun

Sun is the card of clarity, of the dissolving of all shadows and doubts. Almost at the end of the Major Arcana, we finally come to an understanding of the world, and this understanding is Love. Not the personal love that binds us to the rest of humanity, as expressed in Touch, but the universal love that speaks through the generous sharing of the sun’s warmth with all creatures, nurturing them to live, grow and prosper. It is a love without an agenda or self-centered motive. It is the love that saunters lightly through the sky. This is the card of vitality and joy, of the embrace of life, of the clarity that comes with understanding.
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