Object Nr. 006 Helena


Term: Stone-egg

Property of: Julian Bruneau

This object travelled over many borders. It came from the tourist shop of the Al Kazeh, a fortress in the historical and archaeological city Petra in the southern governorate of Ma’an. It was given to the holder in Qalqilya, a “jail-city”, surrounded by walls and fences on the borderline of West Bank, Israel and Palestine. It symbolizes porosity, the possibility to go in and out of a jail, circulation, cultural exchange, connection and friendship through borders. It carries memories of Tariq, the former owner and scenes of walking together on a street and becoming friends with a foreigner. Now it is stored in a box and rarely looked at, but appreciated.

A dark toned, anthracite colored stone shaped as an egg on a little beige-white-brown platform. It feels very heavy and smooth as it is polished.

Object nr. 005 (L)


Object nr. 005 (Lilia)

Term: Item for collection (with proposal)

Property of: Serguei Marusenko

This white cotton bag is an object of hope because it collects and accepts new knowledge.  The bag was going to the shop to by food and it ended up in the Natural History Museum of Hope. It got spiritual food. It belonged to Gine the ex-lover husband mother owner. It’s an heritage. It was given to the owner with medicinal plants that were also helpful. It’s a functional and emotional object because it carries goodies home and associates with cooking and taking care of oneself. It relates to well being. The bag itself has a long history of going to the Tea Pot shop since it opened some years ago. The new owner continues using Gine’s bag to go to the same shop.

Cotton bag. 40X50 cm with unusual long cotton handles. It has one string loose. It’s wrinkled. One corner is absolutely square, the other is roundish. Doesn’t have the owner’s smell. It smells like Tea Pot shop.

Object nr. 004 (L)


Object: Object nr. 004 (L)

Term: Circular piece of glass / The object chose me

Property: Jaime Llopis

This object was pick up in the Brussels flea market the day it has been brought to the Natural History Museum of Hope. The person who brought the object decided to make an experiment to find an object of hope. He wanted to be ‘picked up’ by an object that triggered his attention rather then choose an object symbolically. And in this practice resides the hope. The object ‘touched’ the one that was looking for something.
The object has a circular glass shape, it’s hard to know to what it was before, maybe a picture frame.. What is is now , is an object you can see through, that makes something appear through, it’s an in between tool to look, an hinge between resistance and availability.

Object nr003 (L)


Object: 003 (L)

Term: Shells

Property: Caroline Daish

Shells remind us of another world. They have the capacity of displacing us, of making us think about a different environment with a different set of rules, a completely different world where things that live there can’t live here. These mauve and white shells, regularly ridged,  were pick up at the beach in Australia close to the picker mother’s home. They were brought to Belgium because they are a reminder, they leave a trace ‘here’ of a parallel world. They trigger us to look beyond the moment. It makes us see live beyond the object. This object is not perfect, it’s beautiful but also ugly and it challenges the parameters of beauty. This object triggers thinking of space, light, ocean, vastness, loss, unexplainable, bewilderment and displacement. But also travel, unpacking, acessing, evaluating and taking stock. It has not a functional purpose.


Object Nr.: 005he
term: level
Property of: Stef Meul


this object is a tool for orientation, wherever one is, it serves finding vertical and horizontal lines. to its owner – on both a material as well as spiritual level – it gives certainty in spaces and during moments which lack references. the recent 4 years the owner was frequently in need for using the object when renovating, constructing and re-constructing a personal work space. recently it was helping balancing out a bed, which now guarantees a good rest during sleeping hours.

a yellow aluminium body, with the form of a flattend triangle of 50 cm by 1,5 cm by 3,5 cm. 2 embedded plexi glqs displays giving view on two air bubbles in 2 fluogreen, translucent tubes, filled with water. bought at Brico in Brussels.

exchange: NO