Sunday, 25th of February 2018, 10.30-14h. Kids welcome!

Start your Sunday with a nice, soft movement Tandava meditation, and then join us for a shared brunch.


The Tandava is a practice from the Kashmir tantra tradition: with gentle movement you tune into the vibration of the space around you. You give over to the waves of energy moving through you, dissolving the boundaries between you and the world. In the second phase of the meditation we use music to help your flow to come to full bloom.


For the brunch, you can just come and then you pay a small contribution, or you can add some food to the table. Let us know if you come on studiolalimite@gmail.com.

mobile MNSTRY

9-22 November 2015 / Abbeye of Forest, orgnized by Elle/Bureau d’Espoir

To become a MNK for the whole period (30/10-22/11), only for the workshop (9-22/11), or for a shorter period of time, write a mail to hope@bureaudespoir.org.

The Mobile MNSTRY (Monastery, Ministery, Monster-y) is a collective location project, organised in and around the previous Abbeye of Forest. The MNSTRY will install a temporary (monastic) community that lives and works within a limited area, following a shared time score and accepting the rule of poverty for the duration of the workshop. Continue reading “mobile MNSTRY”


Bureau d’Espoir works on a new collaborative project:  the MOBILE MNSTRY

The MOBILE MNSTRY will  be housed in the abbey of Forest. Over a period of 3 weeks a group of temporary mnks eat, work, perform rituals and study their books in and around the site of the abbey. they live according to the rule of poverty, and develop their artistic, activist, daily practices in dialogue with the neighbourhood.

Everyone is warmly invited to have a free cup of coffee in the silent Café, to ask us to develop a ritual session for love, work, loss or another personal issue. or learn to make your own rituals, follow a body session, or just to read and discuss with us during the sharing sessions.

more information here

Object Nr. 006 Helena


Term: Stone-egg

Property of: Julian Bruneau

This object travelled over many borders. It came from the tourist shop of the Al Kazeh, a fortress in the historical and archaeological city Petra in the southern governorate of Ma’an. It was given to the holder in Qalqilya, a “jail-city”, surrounded by walls and fences on the borderline of West Bank, Israel and Palestine. It symbolizes porosity, the possibility to go in and out of a jail, circulation, cultural exchange, connection and friendship through borders. It carries memories of Tariq, the former owner and scenes of walking together on a street and becoming friends with a foreigner. Now it is stored in a box and rarely looked at, but appreciated.

A dark toned, anthracite colored stone shaped as an egg on a little beige-white-brown platform. It feels very heavy and smooth as it is polished.