Object Nr. 006 Helena


Term: Stone-egg

Property of: Julian Bruneau

This object travelled over many borders. It came from the tourist shop of the Al Kazeh, a fortress in the historical and archaeological city Petra in the southern governorate of Ma’an. It was given to the holder in Qalqilya, a “jail-city”, surrounded by walls and fences on the borderline of West Bank, Israel and Palestine. It symbolizes porosity, the possibility to go in and out of a jail, circulation, cultural exchange, connection and friendship through borders. It carries memories of Tariq, the former owner and scenes of walking together on a street and becoming friends with a foreigner. Now it is stored in a box and rarely looked at, but appreciated.

A dark toned, anthracite colored stone shaped as an egg on a little beige-white-brown platform. It feels very heavy and smooth as it is polished.

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