2nd afternoon

battery 2

Dear, what a scary dream you had with me in a hospital bed with my ‘parents’.

I have to confess that after imagining a guy shooting me I got a bit paranoid with your dream. As if we are in some premonitory mood. But, to avoid this paranoia i have been thinking a lot about your dream, my imaginary guy shooting me and the fact that we are leaving the battery tomorrow. Reflecting these scenarious helped me to not be ‘waiting’ for my killer yesterday night. i asked myself ‘what’ is being killed and ‘what’ is going to the hospital. (?) About the hospital I can’t say . . . It’s your dream . . . But about my imaginary killer it’s a lot about the ‘fear’ of going out, as if somethingneeds to be killed before I leave the box. Or something of myself in the outside needs (it is already) to be killed. Or even the anxiety that I made it until here and something might happen that doesn’t allow me to ‘go out’.


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