31st evening

Battery 1

The battery really has become my home now. There is not really anything I miss from my house. But off course everything is taken care of. (…) I thought the battery would be a lot about overcoming boredom, but I haven’t been bored for a second, which is really weird since I get bored so easily. Or so I thought. I am a bit ecstatic today. I love it here. I love my life. I am probably going a bit airy again.

Battery 2

It seems that every time you are leaving a place you start acknowledging again how much a place is important. I’m not going to deny that I am also looking forward to leave the box and go home, but at the same time I wish to carry with me as long as I can what I am learning here. I hope the transformation that is happening here gets printed on me and the frenetic outside doesn’t steal so fast the great and profound knowledge gained by the battery.

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