Object nr003 (L)


Object: 003 (L)

Term: Shells

Property: Caroline Daish

Shells remind us of another world. They have the capacity of displacing us, of making us think about a different environment with a different set of rules, a completely different world where things that live there can’t live here. These mauve and white shells, regularly ridged,  were pick up at the beach in Australia close to the picker mother’s home. They were brought to Belgium because they are a reminder, they leave a trace ‘here’ of a parallel world. They trigger us to look beyond the moment. It makes us see live beyond the object. This object is not perfect, it’s beautiful but also ugly and it challenges the parameters of beauty. This object triggers thinking of space, light, ocean, vastness, loss, unexplainable, bewilderment and displacement. But also travel, unpacking, acessing, evaluating and taking stock. It has not a functional purpose.

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