Battery 1

Hey dear, today at 3pm I go in a 48 hour isolation period, so will not communicate for 2 days. I need this period to thoroughly celebrate Christmas, or rather the project and all the hope that is invested in it, and reassemble my energy for the last stretch. I did get more people I don’t know the last days and it was great to see how the rumor spreads and people get over their first inhibitions to come in. I’m opening my mind to new points of view and learning  a lot.

Making the boxes is exhausting, though rewarding.

I wish you a beautiful Christmas, will try to make  a Christmas song just for you. See if you recognize it… Be strong, be weak, be beautiful or sad. Enhance it.  We only do this once. Xe


Battery 2


Today I had a kid. Louise. She is 8 years old and only speaks french, which means we really worked on a non-verbal level. She was blind folded as usual and I tried to adapt the weigh of things to her skiny body but keeping the experience in its full parcours. As the verbal was not an option, after the session we started manipulating the objects together as if ‘talking’ about their different qualities of volume, weight, texture, etc,… For the first time I allowed myself to mutually experiment the objects in more direct relation with the volunteer. We would make head tunnels, traveling sounds from each others mouth to each others ears…



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