Battery 1

Battery 2

… In this void, specially in between myself and somebody else found here, people seem to strange me and therefor themselves. A kind of awkwardness between know intimacies take place in the battery. And then we struggle, myself ad the volunteer , trying to establish a different encounter. It is a sort of dispossession from both sides. A dispossession of an encounter already known full of amenities and small talks until the momentum of this very-space-in-time takes place. And for that we need a lot of silence. So let’s silence. Specially after the sensorial openings with relational objects. There is not much to talk about it. It’s a moment of full silence where what is talking is not the mouth but the many membranes that have been awaken: the skin, the gaze, the ears, the borders between them.It’s not about serenity, it’s about a weighted presence. Let’s forget about the dichotomy between levitation and weight. In the middle of a long cry, I noticed this weigh coming. Whilst being in these half-half zones I cried in the gap. I gave up on trying to give meaning or reason to the crying. I just let it happen as an event of the gap I was in., washing the polarities of being.

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