Object Nr. 006he
term: driftwood
property of: Elke Van Campenhout


when handled, this object energizes the owner.
it is an object that invites the owner to become physical but also an object that speaks of time passing and transformation.
this objects has the capacity to attract the attention of the owner every time it comes into sight. It disrupts the owner’s day, creating a moment of pausing.
a friend of the owner who found the object on a Australien beach. reminded by it of “the best part of herself” (of the owner!), he gave it to the owner together with the instruction to hold and look at it often.
the object became dear to the owner only slowly. after years of more or less neglecting it there was a moment of seeing the object for real again:
now it is a reminder on a personal relation the owner was in when the object as received and the changes the owner has undergone since.

piece of rounded, knotted wood, bleached by the elements. its center describes a circle, a kind of symbol of femininity. recent growth of moss is coloring the object in tones of green and yellow.

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