Object: 003heike
Term: four-leave clover buds
Property of: Silke Bull


the object symbolizes for its owner a hope for good concentration during exames.
on a daily basis it communicates a sense of contentness and pleasure to the owner.
since the object needs care in the form of watering, it is physically dependant from the owner, who is in this way responsible for its prosperous life.
last but not least the object is a strong reminder of a year in school – 9th grade – and the then active teacher, triggering beautiful memories in the owner.

ensemble of three earth-colored elements: 4 pear or nut-like buds of +\- 1 cm3, 1 protion of 2,5 cm3 earth, and a redish brown plastic flower pot with radius 1,5 cm at the bottom and  radius of 2 cm at the upper edge.
bought at a Dutch online shop by the mother of the owner.

Exchange: YES

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