Object Nr.: 001he
term: Relic
Property of: Jo Massin


to its owner this object is a reminder on the wonders of mother nature,
a symbol of love, trust, kindness and
a symbol of the spontanous appearances of nature, hope.
this object acts as a reminder to its owner of a garden-project his father and himself had. they planned to cover the entire left side of the garden with flower plants. one plant turned out to be a peach tree, and it happened to be a very rich one.
still it had to be displaced because it consumed too many nutrients from the earth in the flower bed. once displaced, the tree died.
2 years ago the object’s owner’s father died and the responsibility of the garden became entirely his.
The object turned into an object of hope, – and at the same time into a rather important personal symbol to its owner – when the object’s owner was inspired to plant a new peach tree in honor of his father last year.

The object until now has been kept on a shelf to be looked at … like in a curiosity cabinet or a 19th Century Natural History Museum, It was bought at a Carrefour supermarket in Brussels.

a peach stone in the form of a heart, flesh-color with shades of gold, a alittle like a broach it is convex on one side, concave on the other.

exchange: yes

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