OBJECT 002 (L)

OBJECT NR 002hope object rares

TERM: Uniform

PROPERTY OF: Rares Craiut

This kitchen uniform is a second hand object that belonged to somebody in Germany before. The one who wears is meant to produce something because the uniform represents a working status cutting the person out of the environment.  The colorful round buttons added by the present owner added another connotation to it. Now it’s not just a white uniform the chef cook uses in the kitchen but also something like a circus costume, it links cooking with performing arts. The object became an hope object by its transgressive quality, by bringing together two of the different interests of its owner in a desire to not segregate oneself into separate pieces.
It accompanied him while he was in heavy duty cooking, in times of tiredness and hunger since he didn’t have time eat himself. It was also used in an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Technical: White chef cook uniform with colorful buttons.


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