The Battery diary of the researcher’s of Hope


Battery 1: “Thinking about time, yes it is difficult to enter into another time zone since we are so connected to the outside; schedules of the garbage truck, the school children, the opening hours of the gallery. It is hard to slow down. Although time does seem more dense, even the reading is more concentrated and the time looking out of the window extremely satisfying. Can not wait to become an old woman living on the ground floor, spending my days looking at the street life”.

Battery 2: “I am impressed with how fast I adapt to this machine. Its logics and functioning slowly become part of me. It’s scary because it means whilst trying to dis-adapt from my life machine outside i might already have fallen into the normative of this machine here”.

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One thought on “The Battery diary of the researcher’s of Hope

  1. Hey!!!! Mistakes in the English! No accent in researchers: it’s a Plural, not a Genitive…

    L. E. Rooman

    Op 18-dec.-2013 om 18:37 heeft bureau d’espoir het volgende geschreven:

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