20. insight


calling, break-through, reconstruction, consequences

20. insight

In this card we see the Eye floating on the water, the masculine and the feminine principle dissolving into an androgynous union. On the verge of its journey’s completion, Insight is the moment Hope can finally look back and come to realize what happened. In a moment of perfect clarity the unconscious at last finds the words to speak out. The water bubbles up its secrets, and the eye now looks straight back at the journeyer. In other words, Insight is the card of a fundamental break-through, the realization of what had been hidden all this time in the gap between the feminine unconscious and the masculine mind.

In Insight the self-image of the journeyer, that has carried him through all the transformations on the road, is radically broken up. And what appears is a humbling self-understanding, an urgent calling to deal with this renewed sense of self. Insight is a card that can not come too early in the journey, because its voice can shatter us to pieces. It can be heard in the gesture of the creative act of the maker – the artist, amateur or artisan -, that suddenly discovers the truth of his being in the work he just created. Or it can happen in therapy, when a sudden leap of understanding carries the patient to a new plane of existence. Or it could be a fundamental insight in one’s personality or the way you truly relate to your loved ones, that comes to surface in a moment of crisis, like a death or a break-up.

In its far-reaching scope, Insight does not only offer clarity on the level of the individual. It can also bring the attachments of the petitioner to the surface that have shaped him on a societal level: the underlying motives that led him (and the community he identifies with) to become a nationalist, an unconscious racist, a hidden misogynist, a lover of Cage or a vehement critic of Third Way politics or free-trade economics. All our public attachments, the ones we perform on the public scene, speak of muted rudimental convictions that are far from rational. On a sub-conscious level our identities are entangled in generations of family history and their engrained irrational and relational habits, the political climate and economic situation we grew up in, our exposedness to world politics and arts ideologies, our aesthetic and spiritual upbringing, gender, color, etcetera. Moreover who we think we are is also muddled up by trans-generational trauma, feelings of hidden superiority or guilt, or the unfashionable but undeniable desire to be cared for, or live in a harmonious society, which can lead to strategies of denial in order not to be confronted all the time with the world as it is.

Insight formulates an urgent invitation to deal with this revelation. To break down the hypocritical core of our convictions. This means that we have to acknowledge our fundamental dependency on the circumstances that shaped them, and, if necessary, get rid of the ego-habits that produce toxic relations to the world.

Whatever its means of revealing itself, Insight can never come gently. It is a dramatic breach of evidences, just at the moment we thought we had safely arrived home. The moment the truth of the World reveals itself on the individual’s level, he is free to answer this call or not. But once outspoken, it can no longer be denied. When ignored this knowledge will only start to fester and stultify any further development. To see yourself for what you really are – or maybe more gently: what you are also -, might not always be what we would wish for ourselves. In that sense Insight opens the door for change. To rethink your relation to the world and practice what you have come to understand.

In a reading this card announces a moment of revelation, of a deepened insight in yourself and the way you allow the world to express itself through you. The way you mold your life and the relations in it, the way you treat your loved ones, your work or your political views, the way you deal with what is given to you – the resources you use for comfort, for nourishment, for status – have consequences. The person you have chosen to be, affirms certain positive tendencies in the world, but also shapes negativity, bigotry, neglect, egocentricity and greed. To come to an understanding of your own part in all this can be a shock or a relief, but it is very important not to ignore what you have come to understand.

In that sense Insight can come as a positive reminder of your responsibility in the world. It encourages us to look back at our journey, acknowledge what we have done, the good and the bad, and take this as a starting point for changing our attitude of life. In a negative sense this card can also point out the obstinacy that is blinding you from the consequences of your actions, and the part you play in creating negativity and abuse around you. Then Insight becomes an urgent wake-up call to treat life with more care and respect.

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