19. star


gift, fertility, inspiration, body, sexuality, connection

19. star

In Star, Hope finally finds its place in the world. The card shows us a female figure walking over the fields. From her plastic bags, water is incessantly pouring, irrigating the land, fertilizing whatever she encounters. Star is the figure of hope that has taken shape in the form of an ordinary woman. Her body has a hole in it, that shows us the world shining through. In Star we come to fully accept the body as our access point to the world. Star worships her body because it is shaped by the same material as everything that is. And being in awe of the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and all the bodies in the sky, Star is also in awe of her own body. Nourishing and feeding it, just like she is nourishing and feeding the world around her.

Star brings all knowledge, intuition and spiritual awakening from the previous cards to an earthly level, in the simple and generous gesture of opening up her being to the wonders of daily life. Star asks us to acknowledge our mortal body as the sole gateway to the world. To recognize the divine qualities of our being by embracing the physical capacities for connection that it offers us. The woman in this card is carefree. She is not occupied by turning her house into a fort in which to find comfort and happiness. She is not afraid to get disappointed by giving too much.

Star is always ready to give, as she is always ready to receive. Her sexuality is full and bountiful, and liberated from insecurities, because she is open to be in the moment, and not paralyzed by the desire to hold on. She is her own person, her own truth, and at the same time she is the medium for the world to express itself through. She is fed both by the mysteries and myths of the Moon, and the generous intellect of the Sun. She stands with both feet on the ground that supports her, and her head in the clouds that guide her.

As the mirror card of Time, Star is the one that has broken through the solitude and doubt that estranged this card from its concrete life circumstances. On the remnants of pain and the suffering, the questioning of life’s sense on all levels, Star has resurrected herself, like the phoenix reborn from the flames. In that sense Star is eternal. Not because her body is immortal, but because she is able to share in the immortality of the universe. She carries this flame inside her like a feeble indication of the path to follow. Some days it burns brightly, some days it is hardly visible. But it never ceases to shed its light.

When this card comes up in a reading it signifies happiness, strength, generosity and an open mind. Star is the card of fertility and inspiration, so this might be an indication that you are ready to start a new project, or to allow for your life to take another turn. On a more mundane level Star shows us the path to become less burdened by our everyday complaints and problems and more open to the enjoyment, the generous embrace of what life has to offer.

In a negative sense, Star can also be a figure that is wasting its energies, that is pouring all her strength into a lost cause or relationship, and forgets to get replenished by the world around her. If this is the case the card warns us not to continue on this path, but to reconnect to the feeling of love that nurtures us from the inside out. If not, the initial generosity of Star might turn self-destructive. Instead of the open-spirited gift the card represents, Star then becomes demanding, desperately insisting on being filled up by the other. She becomes delusional in thinking she is giving everything, getting nothing in return, whereas in fact she has lost touch with reality around her, and lives in a bubble of self-deceit and egocentric possessivety. This is an extremely negative turn, and has to be broken as soon as possible. In the first place, by freeing yourself from the relations (love relations, colleagues, work circumstances) that have are poisoning you, and starting out on a serious practice to reconnect to the sources (intellect, emotion, cosmos) that can replenish and renew you. So you once again become ready to give.

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