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18. sun

Sun is the card of clarity, of the dissolving of all shadows and doubts. Almost at the end of the Major Arcana, we finally come to an understanding of the world, and this understanding is Love. Not the personal love that binds us to the rest of humanity, as expressed in Touch, but the universal love that speaks through the generous sharing of the sun’s warmth with all creatures, nurturing them to live, grow and prosper. It is a love without an agenda or self-centered motive. It is the love that saunters lightly through the sky. This is the card of vitality and joy, of the embrace of life, of the clarity that comes with understanding.

Sun in this Tarot is the life principle, the eternal renewal of energy, and the regeneration of materiality in ever-changing forms. It is the moment hope comes to see that the end of one thing always already announces the beginning of another. And this simple fact fills the bags with the irresistible urge to dance, expressed in the irreverent ballet of hope around the sun.
This is the card of a new life, of success on all levels, because success is no longer dependent on a pre-set scheme of accomplishments. It is the moment of enlightenment, not solely in an intellectual sense, but in the coming together of emotion, intellect and spirit.

The love of the sun is unconditional, it doesn’t make a difference between species or characters. But it is a love that can only express itself when accepted. A flower can only blossom by opening up its petals and turning its crown to receive the sunlight. A mammal can only survive by exiting its dark and safe hole and bask in the warmth. The same goes for human beings: when they close themselves off from the light and the warmth, they will in turn become clouded by doubts and a lack of self-esteem. Their thoughts will seem interesting, intricate and complex, but when they express them no one will seem to understand. Sun approaches intellectual understanding with humble simplicity. This is a knowledge that is without affection or ambition. It is the knowledge that is shared in true friendship, in the dedication we give to the world without wanting to maximize our self-importance.

Sun is sincere in its embrace of the world. And it is aware of the fact that its power can only be expressed in reciprocity with the Other. In other words, the Sun needs the Other in order to be able to speak up. It needs the plant to transform CO into CO2, into oxygen, into life. It needs dedication to turn vague ideas into clear insights. It needs selfless interest to turn a natural generosity into the ability to experience universal love. Only then Sun comes to its full expression.

In a reading this card stands for the opening up of a new life, a blast of understanding, the acceptance of the simple truth about what is. It is a positive card in its vital expression, but it does come with the demand to give in to this joy, to come prepared, to be willing to let go of your feelings of smallness and solitude and put them into the bigger frame of the constant renewal of the Universe. That seems a rather tall mission, but Sun also nudges anyone who wants to simply allow pleasure to come into their lives. To find beauty in the world around them, see the intricate complexity of all that is in the simplest of its creations, be it a brick or a butterfly. And to celebrate any one of these encounters with unrelenting joy.Sun also invites us to become more sincere in our dealings with other people. To see them for what they are, and not instrumentalize our relations. In a negative reading Sun warns us against using knowledge as a tool to master others into submission. The knowledge that is distributed by the sun is yours to share, but can not be used to mold, fold and discipline others. Nor can it be misshapen into a warped distinction between humans, plants and animals that would give the former the right to violate the Earth for its own, short-sighted profit. Any kind of sincere knowledge that was developed in attentive dialogue with the world we live in should steer clear of these aberrations.

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