7. drive

action, creation, adventure, exploration, adolescence, will to power

7. drive

To shoot yourself out of a canon. To sail the ocean without a compass to see if you might fall right off the edge of the earth. To make love all day. And all night. And still be insatiable. To create beauty where there was none. And bask in her radiance. These are all symptoms of the 7th card of the Tarot of Hope: Drive.

Drive is the card of unrelenting action, of an insatiable hunger for intensity and satisfaction. It is a card that is deeply rooted in the earth and her tremendous resources. Of richness, of carnality, of power, of creation. Drive is quite a risky card, a card that addresses the balance between the instinctual seeking for pleasure and power, and the creative gesture that saves this egocentric push from becoming violent and greedy.

This card is driven by curiosity and courage. The hunger for the new. Both in self-exploration, finding pleasure in one’s own body, as well as in the exploration of the world. Be it as an adventurer, a traveller, a warrior or a conqueror. Drive is the card of earthly sexual pleasure, and the prowess of its exploration. It represents the energy that pushes the entrepreneur to his limits and the artist to lose himself in his creation, driven to make something out of nothing. But also this card stands for the inflexible strength of the one that won’t take no for an answer, the one that reaches for the stars.

This card is animal and instinctual, as well as pragmatic and organized. Both sides of this dichotomy are potentially supportive or destructive to their environment. For Drive nothing is impossible, if approached with deliberate intention. He shapes the Earth to his own desires, digs in the soil, the hidden resources, the mud and the gold, and makes something new appear. It is the card of bold action, of taking initiative, of dynamism and success. A power that wishes to be seen, recognized and admired, by the lover or the world. Drive, therefore, is not a humble care. But it carries a willful strength within, an unashamed tribute to the power and pleasure of creation.

Drive is the card of the adolescent going out into the world to look for wisdom. In history he has been known as the Great Lover, the Genius Artist, the Adventurer but also as the Colonial suppressor, the Egocentric Entrepreneur or the Warrior of Lost Causes.

In a reading this card is a reminder of your inner power to act, to make something happen. It could give you the last bit of courage needed to start on a long and possibly risky journey. To initiate your own project or business, to give in to desires you have suppressed for too long. It is a call to surrender to your creative urges, even if you are undecided on their quality.
But seen negatively, Drive is also a warning to take the consequences of your actions and decisions into account. You are not alone in the world, and the love of profit can have the ugly Janus face of causing others pain or suffering. When you are driven by ambition for adventure, money, fame or pleasure don’t forget to take into account how this will affect the people and the world around you.

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