4. the hour blue

the hour blue

magic , mute, sexuality, subconscious, ambiguity

4. the hour blue

What we see on this card is an eerily quiet lake, just before the sun lazily rises above the horizon. Or lingers in the dusk before turning in for the night. The hour blue is the twilight in which day and night for a short time become one. In these moments things lose their habitual definition: crepuscular creatures come out to hunt, the plants in the fields gain magical powers. One says that witches choose this specific time to gather herbs for their potions or to perform their sacred rituals. Men and animals are prone to shapeshift from time to time, making deer hunting a particularly risky business.

In fairy tales, the hour blue is the moment the Lady of the Lake comes out of the depths of the water to seduce lost souls or small children to follow her down the whirlpool. It is the time to celebrate the ancient wisdom that has been gathered by women over the ages: from good-spirited wortcunners to dark mistresses gambling with our most secretive desires.

The lake mirrors the landscape on her belly, creating a double of the one we know: the world-as-it-is-but-that-we-cannot-perceive. The double world that is not confined to logical or rational limits, where desire can take on any form imaginable. But where also insight can be gained about the twin-face of our existence. In the sky the crescent moon lisps her lurking promise, the lunacy that announces itself in the loss of the rational self. The hysteric liberation from daily norms and regulations. In the hour blue the surface of the lake becomes the matrix for our perceptions. Above the water everything seems normal, but in the water the navel of the lake is opening up, beckoning anyone who dares to take a dive into the deep dark abyss of the underworld.

The hour blue is the card that speaks of the hidden sources of knowledge that are informing our everyday lives. The lake opens up into our unconscious, that can only be unlocked through attentive practice or under the protection of a guide. The whirlpool is the key to your hidden potential, an obscure and primitive power that lies dormant in the warmth of your belly, sometimes slithering up to your stomach, causing an uncomfortable or painful burning, sometimes sliding down to your sex, where it sets off a desire screaming to be quenched. The Lady of the Lake has the medicine, she knows how to enter the labyrinth, how to speak to the spirits of the past, of the forest, of the underworld. She knows the secrets of the universe are revealed in the eye of even the humblest of insects. But she never speaks a word, she is mute and can only be followed unquestioningly. In relation to Care, this card speaks of another kind of femininity. Where Care was motherly, embracing the world with her body in recognition of its inherent circular logic(s), The Hour Blue opens the door to a more complex womanhood. Traveling from the face of the earth to the belly of the lake, things stop being self-evident; the creatures that come out at this time can be friendly and helpful, but they might also be cunning and false.If you come across this card in a reading, it speaks of a possible spiritual awakening, of a growth spurt in your intuitive powers. You discover a hidden richness in your inner world and experience, one that goes beyond your daily worries and reaches out to something much deeper, a more ancient wisdom. This card might be an encouragement to take your potential further, a journey that takes attention and discipline and needs to be researched with patience and care. Opening the gates to the other side can cause disturbance and grief, but it never comes without its often unexpected rewards. So why not do something different tonight and make a small start: stroll into the woods to dance to the sunrise, howl your frustration to the moon, talk to the spirits of your household appliances, or take a holy dive in your bath tub. Get rid of all tensions by burying your guilt, or laughing until again, you can cry. Embrace the fullness of your sexuality, the tender power of the body-in-pleasure. But beware of self-proclaimed prophets, of hypocrisy and soulless perversion. Or guru’s that want to seduce and own you. Learn what you have to learn, but embrace your intuition as your true light and guardian.

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